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Date                                Venue                             Location                                  

01.05.02                     Chameleon Club                           Lancaster, PA

02.09.02                       Pennsylvania State University       Pennsylvania, PA

02.12.02                       Hayden Square Amph,                  Tempe, AZ

02.15.02                       Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel                Providence, RI

02.16.02                       The Palladium                               Worcester, MA

02.17.02                       The Electric Factory                       Philadelphia, PA

02.22.02                       The Galaxy                                    Saint Louis, MO

02.23.02                       Martyr's                                          Chicago, IL

03.01.02                       Q101 Studio                                   Chicago, Il

03.04.02                       Crowes Nest                                  Chicago, Il

03.06.02                       The Rave                                       Milwaukee, WI

03.07.02                       Luther's Blues                                Madison, WI

03.08.02                       First Avenue                                  Minneapolis, MN

03.09.02                       Ranch Bowl                                   Omaha, NE

03.10.02                       Granada Theater                             Lawrence, KS

03.12.02                       Dave's On Dickson                         Fayetteville, AR
03.13.02                       Juanita's***Canceled***                 Little Rock, AR 

03.13.02                       Cheers                                           Houston, Tx

03.14.02                       Auditorium Shores                        Austin, TX

03.17.02                       Chain Reaction                             Anaheim, CA

03.18.02                       The Whiskey-A-GoGo                    Los Angeles, CA

03.19.02                       The Pound                                    San Francisco, CA

03.20.02                       Satyricon                                       Portland, OR
03.21.02                       Graceland                                     Seattle, WA

03.23.02                       Bluebird Theatre                           Denver, CO

03.25.02                       Southbeach                                   Amarillo, TX

03.26.02                       The Pavillion                                 Lubbock, TX

03.27.02                       Engine Room                                Houston, TX

03.28.02                       Trees                                             Dallas, TX

03.29.02                       La Zona Rosa                                Austin, TX

03.30.02                       Tipitina's                                       New Orleans, LA

03.31.02                       Newbys **Canceled**                    Memphis, TN
04.02.02                       Bogart's                                        Cincinnati,OH
04.03.02                       St. Andrews Hall                           Detroit, MI
04.04.02                       Odeon Concert Club                     Cleveland, OH
04.05.02                       Nick's Fat City                               Pittsburgh, PA
04.07.02                       Lost Horizon                                 Syracuse, NY

04.09.02                       Crocodile Rock Cafe                     Allentown, PA
04.10.02                       Met Cafe                                       Providence, RI
04.11.02                       Webster Theatre                           Hartford, CT

04.12.02                       Northern Lights                             Clifton Park, NY

04.13.02                       Pearl Street                                  Northampton, MA
04.14.02                       Middle East Club                           Cambridge, MA
04.17.02                       The Trocadero                              Philadelphia, PA
04.18.02                       The Black Cat                               Washington, DC
04.20.02                       Marrz                                            Wilmington, NC
04.21.02                       The Cotton Club                            Atlanta, Ga
04.22.02                       The House Of Blues                      Myrtle Beach, SC
04.23.02                       Reflection Studios                        Charlotte, NC
04.23.02                       Tremont Music Hall                      Charlotte, NC
04.26.02                       Bicentennial Park                         Miami, FL

04.27.02                       Festival Park                                 Zephyrhills, FL
04.28.02                       Lee Vista Center                           Orlando, FL
04.29.02                       Jack Rabbit's cancelled*               Jacksonville, FL
04.30.02                       Floyd's Music Store                       Tallahassee, Fl 

05.02.02                        Churchill Downs                           Louisville, KY  


05.03.02                        Otto's                                            De Kalb, IL


05.04.02                        Vic Theatre                                  Chicago, IL


05.14.02                        Liar's Club                                   Chicago, Il


05.15.02                        Birdy's                                          Indianapolis, IN


05.16.02                        Piere's Nightclub                          Fort Wayne, IN


05.17.02                        Heartland                                     South Bend, IN


05.18.02                        Tweeter Center                            Tinley Park, Il


05.19.02                        UMB Bank Pavilion               Maryland Heights, MO


05.21.02                        Knickerbocker's                       Lincoln NE 


05.22.02                        Stars and Stripes                         Davenport, IA


05.25.02                        North West University                  Evanston, Il


05.25.02                        Marcus Amphitheater                  Milwaukee, Wi


05.29.02                        Newport Music Hall                     Columbus, OH


05.30.02                        WBUZ "The Zone" In Studio        Toledo, OH


05.30.02                        Hard Hat Café                             Toledo, OH


05.31.02                           A1A                                       Lexington, KY

06.02.02                        Streetfest *Belmont/Sheffield*    Chicago, Il


06.05.02                        Canopy Club                               Urbana, IL


06.06.02                        Klub Phenomenon                      Freeport, IL


06.07.02                        Bluebird Nightclub                     Bloomington, IN


06.08.02                        Penny Road Pub                        South Barrington, IL


06.30.02                        Marcus Amphitheater                Milwaukee, WI


06.30.02                        Marcus Amphitheater                Milwaukee, WI


07.04.02                        Lake Resort                               Detroit Lakes, MN


07.06.02                        Sandstone Amphitheatre          Bonner Springs, KS


07.18.02                        Metra Park                                Billings, MT


07.19.02                        Frontier Days                            Cheyenne, WY


07.20.02                        Wicker Park Festival                Chicago, IL


07.21.02                         Summer Jam                             Eau Claire, WI

08.03.02                        Mike's Hard Day At The Beach Downers Grove, IL


08.06.02                        Wisconsin State Fair                Milwaukee, WI


08.17.02                        First Union Complex                Philadelphia, PA


08.30.02                       "On the Water Front"                Rockford, IL


09.05.02                        Bluebird Nightclub                   Bloomington, IN


09.06.02                        Michigan Tech                         Houghton, MI


09.07.02                        The Magic Stick                       Detroit, MI


09.09.02                        The Cotton Club                       Atlanta, GA


09.12.02                        Knoxville State Fair                 Knoxville, TN


09.15.02                        Pound SF                                 San Francisco, CA


09.16.02                        The Roxy                                 Hollywood, CA


09.18.02                        Trees                                       Dallas, TX


09.22.02                        The Bluebird**cancelled**       Denver, CO-


09.24.02                        The Wayout Club                     St. Louis, MO


09.25.02                        Copper Dragon                        Carbondale,IL


09.26.02                        Otto's                                        De Kalb, IL


09.27.02                        University of Illinois-Pavilion   Chicago, IL


09.28.02                         Edge Fest                                 Phoenix, AR

10.01.02                        Knickerbocker's                       Lincoln NE 


10.03.02                        Double Door                            Chicago, IL


10.04.02                        Canopy Club                            Champaign, IL


10.05.02                        Lakeview Links                        Chicago, IL


10.16.02                       The Middle East                        Boston, MA


10.17.02                       The Brickyard                           Hartford, CT


10.18.02                       Deep Six                                   Brooklyn, NY


10.20.02                       Fletchers                                   Baltimore, MD


10.22.02                       JAXX                                         West Springfield, VA


10.23.02                       Alley Katz                                 Richmond, VA


10.25.02                       The Social                                Orlando, FL


10.26.02                       Jack Rabbit's                            Jacksonville, FL


10.28.02                       Blue Sky Court                          Nashville, TN 


10.29.02                       The Southgate House               Newport, KY  


10.30.02                       Double Door                             Chicago, IL


11.07.02                       Purdue University                     West Lafayette, IN


11.29.02                       Penny Road Pub                       South Barrington, IL


11.30.02                       Penny Road Pub                     South Barrington, IL

12.06.02                       The Galaxy                              St Louis, MO


12.07.02                       Canopy Theatre                       Urbana, IL


12.08.02                       Shattered                                Colombia, MO


12.10.02                       Ascot Room                            Minneapolis, MN


12.11.02                       Luther's Blues                         Madison, WI


12.12.02                       The Rave                                Milwaukee, WI


12.13.02                       Oasis 160                                 Chicago, IL


12.14.02                       Duke O'Brien's                         Crystal Lake, IL    


12.15.02                       Twisted 9 -                               Rosemont IL


12.29.02                       Allstate Arena                         Chicago, Il


12.31.02                       Durty Nellie's                            Palatine, IL 

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