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Date                               Venue                                            Location


01.**.04                          Scottish Rite Center                       Milwaukee WI


02.06.04                            Subterranean                              Chicago, IL


03.14.04                            The Metro                                    Chicago, IL


03.18.04                           Emo's Annex(SXSW)                     Austin, TX


04.05.04                            Q101 Studios                                Chicago, IL


04.06.04                             Fritz's Corner                                 Zion, IL


04.08.04                             The Temple                                   Sullivan, IL


04.09.10                             Metro (CD Release Party)            Chicago, IL      

04.10.04                             Otto's                                               Dekalb,IL

04.14.04                             Heartland                                    Southbend, IN


04.15.04                             Shelter                                           Detroit, MI

04.16.04                             Peabody's                                Cleveland, OH


04.17.04                             Soundwaves                              Reading, PA


04.18.04                             Skate and Surf                          Asbury,NJ


04.19.04                              Paradise                                  Boston, MA                                           

04.20.04                              Webster Theater                      Hartford, CT                                        

04.22.04                              The Khyber                           Philadelphia, PA     


04.23.04                              Tribeca Rock Club                New York, NY


04.24.04                                Black Cat                         Washington, DC


04.26.04                             New Brookland Tavern       Columbia, S.C. 


04.28.02                             The Pour House                        Raleigh, NC


04.29.04                             Echo Lounge                             Atlanta, GA


04.30.04                             Village Tavern                         Mt. Pleasant, SC

05.01.04                             Will's Loch Haven Pub                 Orlando, FL


05.02.04                              Respectable Street                   West Palm, FL


05.03.04                              Twilight                                        Tampa, FL


05.04.04                              Big Daddy's                             Tallahassee, FL


05.06.04                       Hi-Ho Lounge                                New Orleans, LA  


05.07.04                              Mary Jane's Fat Cat                  Houston, TX


05.08.04                              Antones                                    Austin, TX


05.09.04                              Gypsy Tea Room                    Dallas, TX


05.11.04                              Vinos                                    Little Rock, AR


05.12.04                              Hi Tone Café                            Memphis, TN


05.13.04                              Radio Down                          Covington, KY


05.14.04                              Vintage Vinyl                         St. Louis, MO


05.14.04                              Rocket Bar                             St. Louis, MO


05.15.04                              Clearwater Theater               West Dundee, IL


05.20.04                              Fantasy Theater                   Cleveland, OH


05.28.04                              Rave Bar                               Milwaukee, WI


05.29.04                              Ascot Room                          Minneapolis, MN 

06.01.04                              Larimer Lounge                        Denver, CO


06.02.04                              UT Ego's                                Salt Lake City, UT


06.04.04                              Fender's                                 Tacoma, WA


06.05.04                              Ash Streeet Saloon                  Portland, OR


06.06.04                              Graceland                                 Seattle, WA


06.08.04                              Capitol Garage                      Sacramento, CA


06.09.04                              12 Galaxies                        San Francisco, CA


06.10.04                              Key Club                        West Hollywood, CA


06.11.04                             Galaxy Concert Theater          Santa Ana, CA


06.12.04                             Casbah                                        Diego, CA 


06.13.04                              The Boston                              Las Vegas, NV


06.16.04                              Bottleneck                             Lawrence, KS


06.17.04                              The Reverb                            Cedar Falls, IA


06.18.04                              Sean Kaleys                              Lemont, IL


06.20.04                               Lee's Palace                          Toronto, ON


06.21.04                               Petit Campus                          Montreal, QC


06.22.04                               Nietzsches                               Buffalo, NY


06.23.04                               Hard Rock                               Pittsburgh, PA


06.24.04                               The Patio                                Indianapolis, IN


06.25.04                               Canopy Club                             Champaign, IL

07.15.04                               The Exposition Gardens               Peoria, IL


07.22.04                               Station Park-WBRU show       Providence, RI


07.23.04                 Mercury Lounge(Scott solo acoustic)      New York, NY


07.24.04                               Surf Club - WHTG Show        Ortley Beach, NJ
08.07.04                               Three County Fairgrounds   Northampton, MA
08.13.04                               New City-YMCA(Q101 block party)  Chicago, IL


08.28.04                               The New City YMCA - [solo]                    ?


09.03.04                               Ottos                                           Dekalb, IL


09.04.04                               Summerfest Encore                  Milwaukee, WI


09.10.04                               Club Soda                                Kalamazoo, MI

09.11. 04                              Buffalo Wild Wings                    Valparaiso, IN
09.12.04                               Friends and Company            Charleston, IL
09.13.04                               Riele Bros 2                              Lafayette, IN
09.14.04                               The Blind Pig                           Ann Arbor, MI
09.15.04                               The Temple Club                       Lansing, MI
09.17.04                               The Metro                                 Chicago, IL
09.18.04                               The Blue Cat                        Bellafontaine, OH
10.02.04                               Courtyard Cafe                         Champaign, IL

10.08.04                               602 North                                     Glendale, IL

10.10.04                               East Village Street Festival           Chicago, IL

10.29.04                             Northern Lights                           Clifton Park, NJ

10.30.04                             Trocadero Theater               Philadelphia, PA


10.31.04                             Double Dooor                              Chicago, IL


11.01.04                             The Call                                  Providence, RI


11.02.04                             Irving Plaza                               New York, NY


11.03.04                             Mr Smalls                                   Millvale, PA


11.05.04                             Barrymore Theater                       Madison, WI


11.06.04                             Checkered Flag                           Appleton, WI


11.07.04                             Fineline Music Cafe                  Minneapolis, MN


11.09.04                             The Rave                                  Milwaukee, WI


11.10.04                             Knights of Columbus                 Indianapolis, IN


11.12.04                             The Odeon                                 Cleveland, OH


11.13.04                             St. Andrews Hall                           Detroit, MI


11.14.04                              House of Blues                             Chicago, IL


11.16.04                              Rocketown                                   Nashville, TN


11.17.04                               Roxy Theater                                  Atlanta, GA


11.18.04                               House of Blues                        Lake Buena, FL


11.19.04                               State Theater                     St. Petersburg, FL 


11.20.04                                Floyd's Music Store                Tallahassee, FL 


11.22.04                                Lincoln Theater                     Raleigh, NC


11.23.04                                The Norva                               Norfolk, VA


11.26.04                                Nelly's Piper (Sean Kaley's)      Lemont, IL


11.27.04                                Chicago City Limits             Schaumburg, IL


12.10.04                                Q101 Studios                         Chicago, IL


12.10.04             Logan Square Auditorium (The Jingle Brawl)  Chicago, IL


12.31.04                               The Double Door                          Chicago, IL


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