Local H Performance Guide

12.31.08 @ Bottom Lounge - Chicago, IL





How's The Weather Down There?                             
All The Kids Are Right                                              
24 Hour Break-Up Session                                                             
Fritz's Corner                                                                                 
High-Fiving MF > [Countdown]            
Wolf Like Me (TVOTR)
Everyone Alive                                                                             
Simple Pleas                                          
BMW Man                                                                
Fine And Good                                                          
Michelle (Again)                                                       
Hands On The Bible                                                                       
California Songs                                                        
Bound For The Floor                                                                     
Back In The Day                                                                           
~ Encore ~                                                                                     
Smothered In Hugs (Guided By Voices)                                           
What Would You Have Me Do? 

Goodnight (Cheap Trick)








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