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Date                                   Venue                                              Location


02.01.05                            Schuba's (Scott Lucas Solo)              Chicago, IL


02.10.05                             Double Door                                     Chicago, IL


02.24.05                             The Reverb                                  Cedar Falls, IA


02.25.05                              King Karks                                   Eau Claire, WI


02.26.05                              Otto's                                           De Kalb, IL 


02.27.05                              The Canopy Club                    Champaign, IL


03.25.05                              The Bottom Lounge                     Chicago, IL


04.08.05                              The Temple Club                         Lansing, MI


04.09.05                              The Machine Shop                         Flint, MI


04.10.05                               Peabody's                                  Cleveland, OH


04.12.05                               Rock                                        Maplewood, MN


04.13.05                               Luther's Blues                            Madison, WI


04.14.05                               Ten Bells                              Grand Rapids, MI


04.15.05                               McCools                                 Valparaiso, IN


04.16.05                               Outland Ballroom                    Springfield, MO


04.17.05                               Bricktown Live                   Oklahoma City, OK  


04.19.05                               Emo's                                             Austin, TX 


04.21.05                              The Clubhouse                           Tempe, AZ


04.22.05                              The Casbah                                 San Diego, CA


04.22.05                               University Of California             La Jolla, CA  


04.23.05                               The Dome                              Bakersfield, CA 


04.24.05                               Key Club                         West Hollywood, CA


04.27.05                               Larimer Lounge                       Denver, CO  


04.28.05                               The Hurricane                        Kansas City, MO


04.29.05                                Creep Crawl                             St Louis, MO


05.27.05                                Elixir                                        Rockford, IL


05.29.05                                The Double Door                        Chicago, IL


05.30.05                                Mad Hatter Club                      Covington, KY


05.31.05                                The Mercy Lounge                    Nashville, TN


06.01.05                                 The Earl                                    Atlanta, GA


06.02.05                                 Common Grounds                 Gainesville, FL


06.03.05                                  The Social                                Orlando, FL


06.04.05                                  State Theater                    St. Petersburg, FL


06.06.05                                The Soapbox Laundrolounge Wilmington, NC


06.07.05                                  The Hardware Bar               Harrisburg, PA


06.09.05                                  Black Cat                          Washington, D.C


06.10.05                                  The Royal                            Baltimore, MD


06.11.05                                  The Khyber                        Philadelphia, PA


06.12.05                                  The Temptress Cruise Ship  Manhattan, NY


06.13.05                                  Paradise Lounge                     Boston, MA


06.14.05                                  The Call                             Providence, RI


06.15.05                                  Southpaw                                 Brooklyn, NY


06.17.05                                  Mr. Smalls                                Millvale, PA


06.18.05                                  The Underground                       Toledo, OH


06.19.05                                   Durty Nellie's                          Palatine, IL


07.02.05      Strack & Van Til Plaza(Hobart Jaycees Fest 2005)  Hobart, IN


07.03.05            Brian R. Schultz Rock & Roll Stage(Ribfest)  Naperville, IL


07.05.05                          Quad City Live                            Davenport, IA


07.06.05                   Summerfest(WLZR Stage)                   Milwaukee, WI


07.08.05                           Chicago Speedway                             Joliet, IL

09.16.05                                 Otto's                                               De Kalb, IL 


09.17.05                                St. Louis University                       St. Louis, MO


09.18.05                                The Pearl Room                               Mokena, IL


09.20. 05                                 Pops                                                 Sauget, IL


09.21.05                                 The Hurricane                               Lawrence, KS


09.22.05                                 Larimer Lounge                            Denver, CO


09.23.05                                 Urban Lounge                             Salt Lake City, UT


09.24.05                                 The Other Side                            Missoula, MT


09.26.05                                 Chop Suey                                     Seattle, WA


09.27.05                                 Dante's                                           Portland, OR


09.29.05                                Howie + Sons Pizza                      Visalia, CA


09.30.05                                The Beach                                      Las Vegas, NV


10.01.05                                 Casbah                                          San Diego, CA


10.02.05                                 Knitting Factory                         Los Angeles, CA


10.03.05                                 Plush                                             Tucson, AZ


10.05.05                                 Emo's Jr                                      Austin, TX


10.06.05                                 Sanctuary                                   San Antonio, TX


10.07.05                                 Scout Bar                                   Houston, TX


10.08.05                                 Bricktown Live                         Oklahoma City, OK


10.16.05                                Peabody's                                    Cleveland, OH


10.17.05                                Buffalo Icon                                 Buffalo, NY


10.18.05                                The Compound                            Fitchburg, MA


10.19.05                                Webster Theater                        Hartford, CT


10.21.05                                 Tribeca Rock Club                    New York City, NY


10.22.05                                  Rex's                                          West Chester, PA


10.23.05                                  Black Cat                                   Washington, DC


10.24.05                                  Peppermint Beach Club         Virginia Beach,VA


10.25.05                                 Greene Street                            Greensboro, NC


10.26.05                                 Masquerade                                Atlanta, GA


10.28.05                                 Madhatter Club                          Covington, KY


10.29.05                                 McCools                                        Valparaiso, IN


10.30.05                                 The Double Door                          Chicago, IL


11.02.05                                 Mad Planet                                     Milwaukee, WI


11.03.05                               Ascot Room                                Minneaplois, MN


11.04.05                                 The Reverb                                     Cedar Falls, IA


11.05.05                                Maintenance Shop                         Ames, IA


11.06.05                                 Sokol Underground                      Omaha, NE


11.08.05                                 The Metro                                      Chicago, IL


11.25.05                                 Canopy Theatre                            Urbana IL


11.26.05                                 Clearwater Theater                     West Dundee IL


11.27.05                                 Friends and Company                   Charleston IL


11.29.05                                 Copper Dragon                           Carbondale IL


11.30.05                                White House                                    Niles MI


12.01.05                         2nd Dimension Nightclub                  Schererville IN


12.02.05                                 Binwilly’s                                   Valparaiso IN


12.03.05                                Buzz Bake                                   Fort Myers, FL


12.31.05                                Double Door                                    Chicago, IL

The Local H Performance Guide 2000-2009