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Welcome to the Local H Performance Guide ("lhpg").


Here you will find (what we believe to be) an extensive listing of live performances by Local H.


We will list performances Local H has played year to year. These performances are listed in chronological order and give all the info we have about that performance - date, venue, location, audio/video recording, best-known sources for circulating shows and sets lists.


One thing missing from the new version of the guide is the pictures of tickets, fliers or live shots that were seen on the previous versions of the guide.  We have substituted those pictures with two new additions, The Concert Statistics and The Local H Song Guide.  The statistics list all sorts of facts about each particular years performances and the song guide breaks down all Local H songs (covers, originals, jams ect).


**WARNING: if a show is listed as having audio and/or video, that DOES NOT mean that we, the maintainers of the "lhpg", have that recording, or that any recording has even surfaced. This simply means that a recording is known to exist. That someone was spotted recording the show in one-way or another or has stated that they bootlegged it. **


Remember everything is based on your submissions.


All contributors will receive credit for their submissions.
Thank you, and enjoy!

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