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Click on a desired year to see a map of where Local H played each year.


**NOTE: Unfortunately for the free service, there is a 100-post limit on each map. 
In 2002, there were 121 Local H shows, there for the 1st 2002 map stops at 10.17.2002.
A second map completes the year.  I apologize for any inconvenience, I know it sucks,
but what can I do?

UPDATE:  As I was working on the maps, Bravenet, reduced the  free service is to 50 entries.  There is
no point having 2 or 3 maps per year, so this part of the guide will now cease to exist....If you know where
we can have a free map hosted with more then 100 entries, pls let us know, thanks...


The Local H Performance Guide 2000-2004