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Date                                       Venue                                           Location

01.25.00                                  Double Door                            Chicago, Il


02.04.00                                  The Sundance Base Lodge          Snow, Vt


03.30.00                                  The 7th House                        Pontiac, Mi


03.31.00                                  Penny Road Pub            South Barrington, Il


04.07.00                                  The Blue Note                      Columbia, Mo


04.08.00                                  The Canopy Club                      Urbana, Il


04.13.00                                  Firehouse                               St. Louis, Mo


04.14.00                                  Copper Dragon                     Carbondale, Il


04.15.00                                  Lake Forrest College         Lake Forrest, Il


04.18.00                                  Schottenstein Center          Columbus, Oh


04.21.00                                  Heartland                             South Bend, In

04.22.00                                  The Rave                           Milwaukee, Wi


04.24.00                                  ?                                     Philadelphia, Pa


04.28.00                                  Cunningham's                    Kearney, Pa


04.29.00                                  Rockhurst College            Kansas City, Mo


04.30.00                                  The Rave                        Minneapolis, Mn


04.30.00                                  1st Ave. Club                 Minneapolis, Mn


05.02.00                                  ?                                          Omaha, Ne


05.03.00#                                Dane County Expo Center      Madison, Wi


05.06.00                                  Five Seasons Center         Cedar Rapids, Ia


05.09.00                                  Cotillion                                   Wichita, Ks


05.10.00                                  Diamond Ballroom           Oklahoma City, Ok


05.12.00                Allen County War Memorial Coliseum  Fort Wayne, In

05.13.00                                  Toledo Sports Arena              Toledo, Oh


05.14.00                                  Warner Theatre                        Eric, Pa


05.16.00                                  Louisville Gardens                Louisville, Ky


05.20.00                                  Studio Mirage                            York, Pa


05.20.00                                  The 8x10 Club                        Baltimore, Md


05.21.00                                Cole Muffler Court Fairgrounds  Syracuse, Ny


05.22.00                                  ?                                                     ?, ?


05.23.00                                  The Mercury Lounge           New York, Ny


05.24.00                                  North Star Bar                     Philadelphia, Pa


05.25.00                                  Pearl St                           North Hampton, Ma

05.26.00%                               The Garage                         Washington D.C.


05.27.00                                  Webster Theatre                     Hartford, Ct


05.28.00                                  The Chance                      Poughkeepsie, Ny


06.20.00                                  Memorial Coliseum               Portland, Or


06.21.00                                  Key Arena                               Seattle, Wa


06.22.00                                  Metro                                    Chicago, Il


06.24.00                                  Tri-Point Center                          Moines, Ia


06.28.00                                  Webster Theatre                     Hartford, Ct


07.21.00                      The Metro *WLUW CD Release Show* Chicago, Il


07.23.00                                  Bicentennial Park                    Miami, Fl

08.24.00                                  North Beach                          Chicago, Il


09.??.00                                   Guinness Oyster Fest            Chicago, Il


09.01.00                                  Metro                                       Chicago, Il


10.11.00                                  Metro                                        Chicago, Il


10.15.00                                  Navy Pier                                  Chicago, Il


10.28.00                                  Double Door                             Chicago, Il


11.05.00                             Coral Sky Amphitheater   West Palm Beach, FL


11.12.00                                  Central Florida Fairgrounds       Orlando, Fl


11.24.00                                  Penny Road Pub           South Barrington, Il


11.25.00                                  Penny Road Pub           South Barrington, Il


12.01.00&                                College Of Dupage                Glen Ellyn, II


12.01.00                                  College Of Dupage                Glen Ellyn, II

# denotes unsurfaced audience audio
% denotes unsurfaced audience DAT
& denotes Scott with Muchacha

The Local H Performance Guide 2000-2009