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1st amendment jitters-drum, played live(1991) 
500,000 scovilles-PUTC, played live(1998)
all-right(oh yeah)PUTC(1998), played live
all the kids are right, played live(1998)
all the kids are right-acoustic
answering machine-PUTC Bonus Disk(1998)
baby wants to tame me-HCTZ, played live(2002)
back in the day-AGAD, played live(1996)
bag of hammers-HF, played live(1994)
bigger-demo-, played live(1992)
bound for the floor-AGAD, played live(1996)
bound for the floor-acoustic
bryn mawr stomp-HCTZ(2002)
buffalo trace-PJ Soles(2004)
california songs-PJ Soles(2004)
'cha!' said the kitty-PUTC, played live(1998)
chicago fan phair'93 -HF, played live(1994) 
congressman-demo, played live(1992)
cooler heads-demo, played live(2000) -relesed on No Fun EP(2003)
cool magnet-PUTC(1998), played live
creature comforted-HCTZ, played live, (2002)
cynic-HF, played live (1994)
deep cut-PUTC, played live(1998)
dick jones-PJ Soles(2004)
disgruntled christmas-single, played live(1995)
eddie vedder-AGAD, played live (1996)
eddie vedder-clean version
eddie vedder-acoustic
everyone alive-PJ Soles(2004)
feed-HF, played live (1994)
fifth avenue crazy-HCTZ, played live(2002)
fine and good-PUTC, played live(1998)
freeze dried(f)lies-AGAD, played live(1996)
fritz's corner-AGAD, played live(1996)
Fuck Yeah That Wide-demo-preformed live 2003-relesed on No Fun EP(2003)
grrrlfriend-HF, played live (1994)
halcyon days-recorded in studio-played live(2000)
halcyon days Mark III (where were you then)-PJ Soles(2004)
half-life-HCTZ, played live(2002)
hands and the bible-HCTZ, played live(2002)
heaven on the way down-PJ Soles(2004)
heavy metal bakesale-PJ Soles(2004)
hey rita--PJ Soles(2004)
high fivin'mother fucker-AGAD, played live(1996)
high fivin'mother fucker-kinda clean short edit
high fivin'mother fucker-kinda clean long edit
high fivin'mother fucker-squeaky clean short edit
high fivin'mother fucker-squeaky clean long edit
hit the skids or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the rock-PUTC, played live, (1998)
hows the weather down there?-PJ Soles(2004)
I saw what you did and I know who you are-AGAD, played live(1996)
pj soles-PJ Soles(2004)
keep your girlfriend away from me-HCTZ, played live(2002)
laminate man-PUTC(1998), played live
lead pipe cinch-PUTC, played live(1998)
lovey dovey-AGAD, played live(1996)
lucky-PUTC, played live-(1998)
lucky time-PUTC-(1998)
manifest density pt.1-AGAD, played live(1996)
manifest density pt.2-AGAD, played live(1996)
manipulator-HF, played live (1994)
mayonnaise and malaise-demo, played live,(1992)
mayonnaise and malaise-HF, played live (1994)
mayonnaise and malaise-edited version-single(1994)
mellowed-oil thick complication-played live(2003)
mellowed-PJ Soles(2004)
money on the dresser-PJ Soles(2004)
no fun-demo, played live(2000) -relesed on No Fun EP(2003)
no more-demo, played live-(1992)
no problem-AGAD, played live(1996)
nothing special-AGAD, played live(1996)
nothin much at all-demo, played live-(1992)
o.k.-AGAD, played live(1996)
president forever-demo(1999)-relesed on No Fun EP(2003)
ralph-drum, played live(1991)
rock 'n' roll professionals-HCTZ, played live(2002)
scott rock-HF, played live (1994)
she hates my job-PUTC, played live(1998)
skid marks-HF, played live (1994)
son of cha!-HCTZ, played live(2002)
sports bar-HF, played live (1994)
stick to what you know-half-life ep bside, played live(2001)
stoney-PUTC(1998), played live
strict 9-HF, played live (1994)
tag along-gravesend soundtrack(1996)
thats what they all say-PJ Soles(2004)
user-demo, played live-(1992)
user-HF, played live (1994)
what can I tell you?-PUTC, played live(1998)
what would you have me do-HCTZ,(2002)
where are they now?-PJ Soles(2004)

The Local H Performance Guide 2000-2009