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Local H Song Guide

Songs covered and recorded in the studio...

Birth School Work Death-The Godfathers Cover (4:32)
(from the Local H/Blank Theory split 7" record)
Birth School Work Death-The Godfathers Cover (4:14)
(from the No Fun EP)
It's A Long Way To The Top-ACDC Cover (4:48)
(from the Pack Up The Cats import bonus disc)
Smothered In Hugs-Guided By Voices (4:18)
(from the Gravesend soundtrack)(also on Hi Fi MF cassette single)
Static Age-Misfits Cover (2:42)
(from the Half-Life E.P.)
Tame- Pixes Cover(2:02)
(from the Where Is My Mind? Pixies Tribute compilation)
25 or 6 to 4-Chicago Cover (3:51)
(from the Half-Life E.P.)
Pop Life(prince cover) (3:44)
(unreleased demo)
Have Yourself A merry Little Christmas (2:33)
(promo single and various compilations)
Diane (Material Issue)(2:44)
Muchacha With Scott Lucas on vocals
Do You Feel Like We Do-Peter Frampton(8:50)
(from M+M single)
I Just Want Something To Do-Ramones Cover(2:48)
From The No EP
Toxic- B Spears(3:23)
(leaked on internet)

The Local H Performance Guide 2000-2009