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? (interpol)(2003)-played live
1st amendment jitters-drum, played live(1991)
2000 light years from home(rolling stones)-preformed live
25 or 6 to 4-studio version on Half-Life ep(2001), played live
3rd Rail-(1990-1992)
4713 ft len'wood,ms-demo(1991)
4713 ft len'wood,msheavy version(1992)
500,000 scovilles-PUTC, played live(1998)
99 red ballons-nena-played live(1990-1992)
about a girl(nirvana)-preformed live
abuse me(silverchair)played live
ain't that a shame(cheap trick)-played live-scott on guitar
all-right(oh yeah)PUTC(1998), played live
all-right(oh yeah)-demo-(1997)
all the kids are right, played live(1998)
all the kids are right-acoustic
american girl(tom petty)-preformed live
American Society(D7)
anarchy in the U.K.(sex pistols)-preformed live
aneurysm(nirvana)-preformed live
and the rain-demo(1991)
answering machine-PUTC Bonus Disk(1998)
atm(longitude and latitude)-demo(1998)
Auf Wiedersehen – (Cheap Trick)(2004)
aqua-played live(1988-92)
baby loves to rock(cheap trick)-played live-scott on guitar
baby wants to tame me(radio edit)-HCTZ-played live(2002)
baby wants to tame me-HCTZ, played live(2002)
back in black(acdc), played live
back in the day-AGAD, played live(1996)
back to basics-demo(1989)
Bad-(U2) played live(1990-1992)
bag of hammers-HF, played live(1994)
bag of hammers acoustic-live
b4(spell)-preformed live
b4(spell)-live acoustic
ba ba o'riley(the who)-played live
back door man(the doors)-preformed live
bearer of bad news(triple fast action)-preformed live
bearer of bad news-acoustic-live
Because the Night (bruce springsteen)played live(2003)
been a son(nirvana)-preformed live
belsen was a gas(sex pistols)-preformed live
big balls(acdc) played live
big emotions-demo(1989)
bigger-demo-, played live(1992)
birth school work death(godfather)-(2000)-studio recording-alt version on No Fun EP(2003)
Blew(nirvana)-played live(1992)
blur-demo-(1992)-played live
bmw man-demo-(2001)
bodies(sex pistols)-preformed live
Born in the USA(bruce springsteen)played live(2003)
Born to Run (bruce springsteen)played live(2003)
bound for the floor-AGAD, played live(1996)
bound for the floor-demo-(1995)
bound for the floor-acoustic
brain damage(pink floyd)-preformed live
break on through(the doors)-preformed live
breathe(pink floyd)-preformed live
breed(nirvana)-preformed live
bryn mawr stomp-HCTZ(2002)
buffalo trace-demo(2002)
buffalo trace-PJ Soles(2004)
Bullet the blue  sky-(U2) played live(1990-1992)
california man(cheap trick)-played live-scott on guitar
California Songs-PJSoles(2004)
cat scratch fever(ted nugent)-played live
'cha!' said the kitty-PUTC, played live(1998)
'cha!' said the kitty-acoustic
'cha!' said the fucking cat(instrumental)-demo-(1998)
Champagne Supernova(oasis)(2004)
cheap sunglasses(zz top)-played live
chicago fan phair'93 -HF, played live(1994)
church on fire-demo-(1989)
cigar (pink floyd)-played live-2002
Cigarettes & Alcohol(oasis)(2004)
cleaning house-demo(1989)
cocaine(?)performed live(2003)
come on(cheap trick)-preformed live
Come On Feel The Noise (quiet riot)(2004)
communication breakdown(?)-preformed live
congressmen-demo, played live(1992)
cooler heads-demo, played live(2000) -relesed on No Fun EP(2003)
cool magnet-PUTC(1998), played live
crazy in love(?)(2003)-played live
crazy train(ozzy)(2003)-played live
creature comforted-HCTZ, played live, (2002)
creature comforted(instumental)-played live 2000
Creep(radio head)
cynic-HF, played live (1994)
cynic demo-(1993)
cynic-acoustic live
Dancing In The Dark(bruce springsteen)played live(2003)
Dead Flowers (rolling stones)(2004)
deathwish-L7-played live
deep cut-PUTC, played live(1998)
devils haircut(beck), played live
diane(material issue)muchacha with scott lucas on vocals(2000)
Dick Jones-PJSoles(2004)
dirty deeds done dirt cheap(ac/dc)-preformed live
disgruntled christmas-single, played live(1995)
disgruntled christmas-acoustic
doll part's(hole)-preformed live
don't come around here no more(tom petty)-preformed live
don't darlene(rocket from the crypt)-played live
don't fear the reaper(blue oyster cult)-played live
don't do me like that(tom petty)-preformed live
(do you cry)when you hear that song?-demo(1998)
do you feel like I do(peter frampton), recorded in studio,(1994)
do you wanna touch me(oh yeah)(joan jett/gary glitter)-preformed live
downed(cheap trick)-played live-scott on guitar
dream on(aerosmith)-played live
dumb(juliana hatfield)played live
ears-demo, played live(1990)
eddie vedder-AGAD, played live (1996)
eddie vedder-clean version
eddie vedder-acoustic
eddie vedder-acoustic "sift version"
e.m.i.(sex pistols)-preformed live
everyone alive-demo-played live, (1999)
everyone alive-PJ Soles-played live(2004)
Exspress Yourself(maddona)-played live-(1990)
feed-HF, played live (1994)
feel good hit of the summer(queens of the stone age ), played live
fifth avenue crazy-HCTZ, played live(2002)
fine and good-PUTC, played live(1998)
fine and good-acoustic
five toone(the doors)-preformed live
for those about to rock(acdc)-preformed live
Fortunate Son (CCR)-performed live(2004)
free bird(lynard skinard)-played live
freeze dried(f)lies-AGAD, played live(1996)
fritz's corner-AGAD, played live(1996)
Fuck Yeah That Wide-demo-preformed live 2003-relesed on No Fun EP(2003)
Get Into The Groove(maddona)-played live-(1990)
get up-rem -played live(1991)
gimme all your lovin'(zz top)-played live
gimme peace-demo(1989)
Gimme Shelter(the rolling stones)played live(2003)    
Glory Days(bruce springsteen)played live(2003)
glycerin(bush)played live
god save the queen(sex pistols)-preformed live
good times bad times(led zepplin)-scott w/caviar-preformed live
gotta be who I say I am-demo(1989)
grrrlfriend-HF, played live (1994)
hair of the dog(nazereth)-played live
halcyon days- studio-(WULU)played live(2000)
Halcyon Days Mark II(2002)-lost demo
Halcyon Days Mark III / (Where Were You Then?)-played live(2003)-PJSoles(2004)
half-life-HCTZ, played live(2002)
halloween theme(michael myers)-played live
hands all over-soundgarden -played live
hands on the bible-HCTZ, played live(2002)
"happy birthday"
have fun-demo(1991)
have your self a merry little christmas, recorded in studio, played live(1996)
have your self a merry little christmas-acoustic
Heaven on the Way Down-played live(2003)-PJSoles-(2004)
heavy machinery-played live(1992)
heavy metal bakesale-played live(2002)-PJ Soles(2004)
hello-demo-played live(2000)
hello there(cheap trick)-played live-scott on guitar
hell's bells(acdc)-preformed live
helter skelter(the beattles)-preformed live
here(pavement)-acoustic live
heroes(triplefastaction)-preformed live
he's a whore(cheap trick)-played live
hey mickey you're so fine(tony basil)-preformed live
Hey, Rita(P J Soles)-2004
high fivin'mother fucker-AGAD, played live(1996)
high fivin'mother fucker-kinda clean short edit
high fivin'mother fucker-kinda clean long edit
high fivin'mother fucker-squeaky clean short edit
high fivin'mother fucker-squeaky clean long edit
highway to hell(acdc),played live
hit the skid-demo-disgruntled christmas- w/o x-mas lyrics(1994)
hit the skids or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the rock-PUTC, played live, (1998)
hit the skids or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the rock-alternative lyrics early version(1997)
holiday in the sun (sex pistols)-preformed live
home sweet home(motley crue)(2003)-played live
Hot Child in the City(nick gilder)
hows the weather down there?-played live(2002)-PJ Soles(2004)
Hungry Heart(bruce springsteen)played live(2003)
I don't want you-demo(1989)
if only {queens of the stone age}performed live(2003)
I love you(the doors)-preformed live
I love rock n roll(joan jett and the blackhearts)-played live
I'm bad, I'm nationwide(ZZ Top)-played live
I'm on Fire(bruce springsteen)played live(2003)
I Just Want to Have Something to Do (Ramones)played live-relesed on No Fun EP(2003)
I need to know(tom petty)-preformed live
infected-played live(1988-92)
infected-full blown version-(1990)
I saw what you did and I know who you are-AGAD, played live(1996)
it's a long way to the top(acdc)- recorded in studio, played live(1998)
it's so easy(guns and roses)-played live
I thank you(ZZ Top)-played live
I Used A Payphone On Jackson St and I Have 24 Hours To Live-(1990-1992)
I wanna be your dog(iggy and the stooges)-played live
I want you to want me(cheap trick)-played live-scott on guitar
Jessie's Girl (rick springfield)
jingo head-demo(1991)
Jukebox Hero (?)-performed live(2004)
jumpin' like a chemical-demo(2000)
Just like me(L7)
kathleen-played live(1988-92)
Keep on Rockin' in the Free World(Neil Young)
keep your girlfriend away from me-HCTZ, played live(2002)
kiss my hand-demo(1989)
la grange(zz top)-played live
laminate man-PUTC(1998), played live
laugh and cry-demo(1989)
lazy VS crazy
lead pipe cinch-demo(1998)
lead pipe cinch-PUTC, played live(1998)
leave the kids alone(pink floyd)
legs(zz top)-played live
light my fire(the doors)-preformed live
listen to her heart(tom petty)-preformed live
lithium(nirvana)-preformed live
Live Forever(oasis)(2004)
looks that kill(motley crue)(2003)-played live
lovey dovey-AGAD, played live(1996)
lovey dovey-acoustic-live
lucky-PUTC, played live-(1998)
lucky time-PUTC-(1998)
manifest density pt.1-AGAD, played live(1996)
manifest density pt.2-AGAD, played live(1996)
manipulator-HF, played live (1994)
mayonnaise and malaise-matt version-(1991)
mayonnaise and malaise-demo, played live,(1992)
mayonnaise and malaise-demo-(1993)
mayonnaise and malaise-HF, played live (1994)
mayonnaise and malaise-edited version-single(1994)
mayonnaise and malaise-acoustic
mellowed-oil thick complication-played live(2003)
mellowed-PJ Soles(2004)
merry christmas babe-demo(1989)
mid night train(journey)
Money on the Dresser-PJSoles(2004)
money shot-demo(1999)
Morning Glory(oasis)(2004)
morton downey jr-demo(1989)
my country tis of thee-performed live
my way(sex pistols)-preformed live
national anthem-played live
negative creep(nirvana)-preformed live
no fun-demo, played live(2000) -relesed on No Fun EP(2003)
no more-demo, played live-(1992)
no problem-AGAD, played live(1996)
no problem-acoustic
no sleep(sullen)-played Live (2003)
nothing special-AGAD, played live(1996)
nothing special-Acoustic, played live(2003)
nothin much at all-demo, played live-(1992)
o.k.-AGAD, played live(1996)
oil & water-demo, played live(1991)
oil & water-grunge version-(1992)
On the Dark Side (bruce springsteen)played live(2003)
one(metallica)-played live
One Time(matt song)-(1990)
paint it black(rolling stones)(2003)-played live
paranoid(black sabbath)-preformed live
pay back is a mother-demo(2001)
peace the motherless child-played live(1988-92)
P.J. Soles-PJSoles(2004)
Police On My Back(The Clash)-played live-(2003)
pop life(prince)recorded in studio, played live(1997)
pop top-demo, played live(1990)
president forever-demo(2001)-played live 2003-relesed on No Fun EP(2003)
pretty vacant(sex pistols)-preformed live
rain-played live(1988-92)
ralph-drum, played live(1991)
rape me(nirvana)-preformed live
ray miland-demo(1995)
rear view mirror(pearl jam)-played live
refugee(tom petty)-preformed live
respect-demo, played live(1991)
road house blues(the doors)-preformed live
rocket man(elton john)-preformed live
rock & roll all nite(Kiss)-played live
rock 'n' roll professionals-HCTZ, played live(2002)
rock show(?)-played live
rockin' in the free world (neil young)-played live (2003)
Rock the Casbah(The Clash)-played live-(2003)
rudolph the red nose reindeer-played live
run rudolf run(chuck berry)-played live
school(nirvana)-played live
scott rock-HF, played live (1994)
scott rock-acoustic
serve the servants(nirvana)-preformed live
sharp dressed man(zz top)-played live
she's alright-demo, played live(1989)
she hates my job-PUTC, played live(1998)
skid marks-HF, played live (1994)
shit list-(L7)-played live(1990)
shove-L7-played live
sliver(nirvana)-preformed live
Slur(Sportsbar)-different version-played live(1992)
smells like teen spirit(nirvana)-preformed live
smothered in hugs-recorded in studio, played live(1996)
smothered in hugs-acoustic
Some Might Say(oasis)(2004)
song 2(blur)
son of cha!-HCTZ, played live(2002)
son of cha demo-(1999)
Southern Girls (cheap trick)
space oddity(david bowie)-preformed live
space truckin'(deep purple)-preformed live
sports bar-HF, played live (1994)
staircase part 2-demo(1989)
staire-played live(1988-92)
static age(misfits),recorded in studio, played live (2001)
star spangled banner(jimi hendrix version)-preformed live
steppin' stone(sex pistols)-preformed live
stick to what you know-half-life ep bside, played live(2001)
stoney-PUTC(1998), played live
stop draggin' my heart around(tom petty)-preformed live
straight-(veruca salt)-played live
strangelhold(ted nugget)-played live
strict 9-HF, played live (1994)
sturdy wrists(rocket from the crypt)-played live
submission(sex pistols)-preformed live
success(iggy pop)-preformed live
Sunshine of your love (Clapton,Bruce,Brown) (cream)
surrender(cheap trick)-preformed live
summer movies-demo(1999)
suzzy Q(CCR)-played live
sweet child of mine(guns and roses)-played live
sweet emotion(aerosmith)-played live
sweet home alabama(lynard skinard)-played live
sweet jane(Velvet Underground)-played live
sympathy for the devil(rolling stones)-scott w/caviar-preformed live
tag along-gravesend soundtrack(1996)
tag along-demo(1999)
tag along-new york studios demo-(1997)
take it on the run(reospeed wagon)-played live
tame(pixies), recorded in studio, played live(1999)
tangerine(led zeplin)-played live (2003)
teenager from mars(misfits)-preformed live
territorial pissings(nirvana)-preformed live
Thats What They All Say-P J Soles(2004)
the end(the doors)-preformed live
the flame(cheap trick)-played live-scott on guitar
the one to change-demo(1989)
the waiting(tom petty)-preformed live
time(pink floyd)-played live
touch me(the doors)-preformed live
touch too much(acdc)-preformed live
tourette's(nirvana)-preformed live
toys in the attic(aerosmith)-preformed live
tush(zz top)-played live
urgent(foreigner)-played live
user-demo, played live-(1992)
user-HF, played live (1994)
watch that girl(sullen)-played Live (2003)
we built this city (starship)-played live
welcome to paradise(green day)-played live
we're not gonna take it(twisted sister)-preformed live
whale-demo?-feed back only(1996)
what can I tell you?-PUTC, played live(1998)
what would you have me do-HCTZ,(2002)
when the levee breaks(Led Zeplin)-played live
Where Are They Now?-PJSoles(2004)
whisper you love me--played live(1988-92)
whole lotta love-led zeplin-played live
wish-played live(1988-92)
who I say I am-demo(1989)
Whole Lotta Love-(Led Zep)- played live(1990-1992)
whole lotta rosie(acdc)-preformed live
wild horses(rolling stones)-preformed live
world of numbers-played live(1990)
you-"early form of rain"-(1987)
you got lucky(tom petty)-preformed live
you shook me all night long(acdc)-preformed live
Your Word-(1990-1992)

The Local H Performance Guide 2000-2009