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added page for 09.05.02~ kjeff22
added page for 09.07.02~ Dewey
added page for 09.09.02~ nlocal
added page for 09.12.02~ Bmoss, gaked on blow
added page for 09.15.02~ giovanni
added page for 09.16.02~ Shaped Like A Gun
added page for 09.18.02~ tomtom1619
added page and pictures for 08.03.02~jbalicki10, Super Drop
added page and pictures for 08.06.02~LocalJohn, Ross302Fox
added page for 08.17.02~Pretentious Name
added page and picture for 07.20.02~Ross302Fox
added page for 07.04.02 ~ Drew(whatcanitellu)
added page for 07.06.02 ~ Denise West
added page for 07.18.02 ~ Localjoe
added page for 07.19.02 ~ Localjoe
added page for 03.25.02
added pages and pictures for 06.30.02~Ross302Fox
added set, pic and page for 04.13.00~Local John
Exactly one year after I came on, we are adding a  forth member,
introducing the lhpg's newest team member:
Joseph  Midzak
*known as LocalJoe*

added dates and pages for:
Added pictures to:
06.02.02~Brian B.
06.05.02~Local John
06.06.02(10 pics)~Dewey
06.08.02(12 pics)~Dewey
06.08.02(3 pics)~Joy/fuggup.com
added and corrected set of 10.03.97~Nathan
corrected set of 12.31.97~Nathan
updated 09.01.97 with "whores" members~Nathan
removed invalid 09.22.97 show-see 09.12.97 for details~Nathan
added page and link to 01.24.97~Nathan
added page and linkto 01.25.97~Nathan
added page and link to 02.05.97~Nathan
added page and link to 03.07.97~Nathan
added page and link to 03.15.97~Nathan
added page and link to 03.16.97~Nathan
added page and link to 04.22.97~Nathan
added page and link to 04.29.97~Nathan
added page and link to 04.30.97~Nathan
added page and link to 05.04.97~Nathan
added page and link to 05.06.97~Nathan
added page and link to 05.26.97~Nathan
added page and link to 05.31.97~Nathan
added page and link 07.16.97~Nathan
added page and link 07.21.97~Nathan
added page and link 07.27.97~Nathan
added page and link 07.29.97~Nathan
added page and link 07.30.97~Nathan
added page and link 08.01.97~Nathan
added page and link 08.02.97~Nathan
added page and link 08.03.97~Nathan
added page and link 08.07.97~Nathan
added page and link 08.09.97~Nathan
added page and link 08.09.97~Nathan
added page and link 08.15.97~Nathan
added page and link 09.01.97~Nathan
added page and link 09.06.97~Nathan
added page and link 09.12.97~Nathan
added page and link 09.13.97~Nathan
added page and link 09.26.97~Nathan
added page and link 10.03.97~Nathan
added page and link 10.04.97~Nathan
added page and link 10.11.97~Nathan
added page and link 10.12.97~Nathan
added page and link 10.13.97~Nathan
added page and link 10.14.97~Nathan
added page and link 10.18.97~Nathan
added page and link 10.31.97~Nathan
added page and link 12.31.97~Nathan
a few pics for 1997 coming soon...
Still trucking a nice 3 days of updates-8 hours spent, so bla...
corrected city/town for 10.23.96
added date for 05.31.02~The Twit
added sound check to 05.29.02~Dewey Cole
added setlist to 11.23.96~Nathan
added setlist to 11.27.96~Nathan
added setlist and page to 06.02.02~SuperDrop
added pages and links to 01.27.96
added pages and links to 02.12.96
added pages and links to 07.22.96
added pages and links to 08.01.96
added pages and links to 09.06.96
added pages and links to 10.17.96
added pages and links to 10.18.96
added pages and links to 10.30.96
added pages and links to 11.08.96
added pages and links to 11.25.96
added pages and links to 11.27.96
added pages and links to 12.03.96
added pages and links to 12.04.96
added pages and links to 12.13.96
added Pics to 10.17.96(11 Pics)~Nathan
added Pics to 11.30.96(4 Pics)~Nathan
added Pics to 05.26.95(5 Pics)~Nathan
added Pics to 05.25.02(17 Pics)~ Ian Heminsley / Nathan
**1996 Complete as of now**
Finaly caught up! A big ass update....
Corrected set for 05.14.02~thanks SuperDrop
Corrected set for 4.21.03~urbabysgotrabies
Corrected credit name for George to George G.
Corrected venue for 03.29.02~Spunky
Added pics to 12.18.01(2 pics)~ Grace Lewandowski
Added pics to 04.22.02(5 pics)~ Nathan True
Added pics to 04.23.02-1(6 pics)~Nathan True
Added pics to 05.29.02-2(2 pics)~ Dewey Cole
Added pics to 05.03.02(6 pics)~LocalBob (Robert Banke)
Added pics to 03.23.02(5 pics)~?????
Added pics to 03.04.02(5 more)~Giovanni
Added pics to 03.27.02(11 pics)~Mightybuck
Added pics to 03.13.02(19 pics)~Nicknot
Added page and pic for 04.28.02~Dewey Cole
Added setlist to 04.16.99~minusblindfold02/jeremy ptak
Added Video to 09.01.99~Giovanni
Added date for 05.29.99~SuperDrop
Added date for 07.17.98~Grace Lewandowski (pic to come)
Added page and pics for 07.21.00~Grace Lewandowski
Added date for 03.13.02(pics to come)~Spunky
Added credits for: That Girl/Regina / ActLocalThinkH /  Nicknot / Superdrop and / Grace Lewandowski
rearanged pics from 03.04.02 to make a little more sense....
added the folowing shows with links:
05.14.02~Steve Kowalski
05.15.02~That Girl/Regina
05.16.02~Dewey Cole
05.17.02~Dewey Cole
05.19.02~Local John
05.22.02~Ryan Teske
05.25.02~ Nathan True
05.29.02~Dewey Cole
05.30.02-1~Dewey Cole
Also removed Here Comes The Zoo gif from main page.  Added pic and link to the original guide's start on paper...
**Happy Birthday to The Local H Preformance Guides Creator: May 31st, 2002- Giovanni!!**
added dates for:
04.27.02, 04.28.02,04.30.02. 05.02.02
added cancelled date 04.29.02~marv3fan
added setlist and page for:  05.03.02~Dewey
added setlist and page for 05.04.02~Dewey
sorry for the lack of updates, but here we go.......
added pages and sets for:
04.09.02~KHH MiniMe
04.18.02~Damien Rockwell
04.20.02~ Nathan True
04.22.02~ Nathan True
04.23.02~ Nathan True
04.23.02-2~Nathan True
04.26.02~Zeta Rocks
also added dates(no sets):
corrected venue and city for 03.27.02~Tony K
added set and page for 04.04.02~dumb socks
added 7 pics to 03.19.02~ Gio
added pic to 12.04.02~Gio
added pic to 12.01.01~Nathan
added 4 pics to 03.07.02~WMAD-FM
added 4 pics to 03.04.02~Gio
Corected spelling of Cleveland and corected setlist order of 12.01.01~george
Added dates for: 03.21.02,03.25.02,03.13.02,03.31.02~Nathan
Added set and page for 03.23.02~Local Joe
Added set and page for 03.26.02~tomtom1619
Added set and page for 03.27.02~nicknot
Added set and page for 03.28.02~tomtom1619
Added set and page for 03.29.02~Spunky
Added set and page for 03.30.02~Local Sports Bar
Added set and page for 04.02.02~Popper Scooper
Added set and page for 04.03.02~Dewey
added setlist and linked page for 03.17.02~Shaped Like A Gun
added setlist and linked page for 03.18.02~Shaped Like A Gun
added setlist and linked page for 03.19.02~Gio
added  03.20.02 date, need setlist...
added 18 pictures to  03.17.02~needlesandlines
added 2 additional pics to 03.17.02~Shaped Like A Gun
added 1 pic to 03.04.02~Alvin Lugo
added 2 pic to 03.14.02~jim (prententious name)
added pic to 03.09.02~kenny (slim the just)
added pic to 11.20.01~kenny (slim the just)
corrected date of 12.06.96 show~Nathan
corrected venue for 12.07.96 show~Nathan
added 10 pics to 03.06.02~The Rave
added set and page for 03.10.02~Nova Martial
added 03.12.02 date, no set~Nathan
added 03.14.02 set and page~whatswrongwithme/ Nick
scratch that on Deweys smaller pics, I like the large ones, so you will have to just suffer(but thanks Dewster)....
added pic to 03.04.02~Ross302fox
added pic to 03.06.02-~Ross302Fox
added page and set for 03.01.02~Gio
added page and set for 03.07.02~paul karklus
added page and set for 03.08.02~kustomboy
added page and set for 03.09.02~kenny (slim the just)
Dewey sent me some smaller images of the 03.04.02 pics so I switched them out(for slower connection users sake)
added 19 pics to 03.04.02~Dewey Cole
added pic of flier to 03.04.02~ian heminsley
added set and page for 03.06.02~Ross302fox
added pic of set to 03.06.02~Ross302fox
added 19 pictures to 12.18.01~Lucus Lyons
added setlist and page for 03.04.02~Dewey Cole
added pic of sound check to  03.04.02~Dan Casanova
added 12 pics to 02.22.02~LocalJohn
added setlist and page for 02.23.02~Dewey Cole
added link to Pollstar~Gio
added 6 pics to 02.12.02~no_taste_in_music_LOCAL_H_fan
added setlist and link for 02.22.02~Brian St. Clair
added Here Comes The Zoo Banner to most pages~David Biddle
added the following setlists and pages:
02.12.02 @ Hayden Square Amph, Tempe, AZ~james (sandman89)
02.15.02 @ Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel Providence, RI~Apoptosis(pete)
02.16.02 @ The Palladium Worcester, MA~Kyle Roger(isawwhatyoudidandiknowwhoyouare)
02.17.02 @ The Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA~jim (prententious name)
added pic to 02.17.02~jim (prententious name)
added the following dates, need setlists:
02.15.02 @ Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel Providence, RI
02.16.02 @ The Palladium Worcester, MA
added 6 pics to 03.31.00 ~ Leslie Harris
added 02.09.02 date with set and page
added 02.12.02 date
added 4 pics to 12.03.01~Nathan
added Trading Post to link's~kenny (slim the just)
changed email addy on home page
added pic to 11.13.01~gio
added 3 pics to 11.17.01~gio
added 2 pics to 12.18.01~gio
added 18 pics to 12.03.01~nathan

added set list to 04.13.00~LocalJohn
added pic to 07.23.00~Nathan
added setlist to 01.05.02 show~Brian St. Clair
added:2002 page
added 01.05.02 show with 2 pics~www.107.5.com, no set
added pics to: 11.24.00 / 11.25.00~LocalBob (Robert Banke) / 11.21.01~Ian Heminsley / 12.18.01(7 pics)~ ~Giovanni(5 pics black and white) / loopyxoxo(1 color pics)
updated copy writes to 2002 on all pages in the guide.....
updated update seaction and credit seaction
added setlists with link for: 12.18.01~ian heminsley(210)
added pic of flier to:11.13.01~Giovanni
added pictures to: 12.03.01(3 pics)~Nathan
updated set: 11.12.01~Dewey Cole
added new email addy
added pics: 06.22.00 / 10.28.00 / 12.01.00 /12.31.00 / 10.28.01 / 11.21.01~all from LocalBob (Robert Banke) / 11.27.01(3 pics)~outtos' site
added setlists with link for:11.30.01 ~laminate man
added pictures of ticket stub:11.16.01~wavy gravy / 11.21.01~Ross302fox
added setlists with link for: 12.06.01~Mike Vangelas
added 2nd pic to 11.23-24.01~LocalBob (Robert Banke)
added pics to: 11.13.01 / 11.17.01~Giovanni
added setlists with link for:11.27.01~luc3702 / 11.29.01~John Oakes / 12.01.01~ AmyStabbingWest / 12.03.01~ Nathan / 12.04.01~anthony kim / 12.05.01~Matt LeBel/boner h /
added date with no set or link: 11.28.01 / 11.30.01 / 12.06.01~Nathan
added picures to: 6.22.00 and 3.31.00~LocalBob (Robert Banke) / 11.20.01~kenny (slim the just) / 11.29.01(4 pics)-John Oakes / 11.23.01/11.24.01-same pic~LocalBob (Robert Banke)
linked 111901 pic of tic~Local Joe
added setlists with link for:10.27.01 / 10.28.01~Nathan / 11.23.01~Dewey / 11.24.01~LocalBob (Robert Banke)
edited h blurry logo on home page to cut out white background
uploaded 10 pics to link
added setlists with link for: 11.19.01~Local Joe / 11.20.01~kenny (slim the just) / 11.21.01~laminet man
added picstures to:
11.19.01~ Local Joe / 11.21.01~Ross302fox
added pictures to:
11.16.01 / 4.22.00~Ross302fox(also added link for 4.22.00)
added 2001 page with following ABCH shows with sets as links:
06.28.01,08.04.01-need set,08.16.01,09.22.01,~Vocalh/nlocal / 10.06.01~Alvin Lugo
added Scott Playing alone:
added Local H 6 ways tour dates:
11.13.01~giovanni / 11.14.01~Mark Montes / 11.16.01~Kevin Koons / 11.17.01~Giovanni---all with with linked sets
added acoustic tracks to 6.24.99~Steve Kowalski/ changed set list of 12.17.99(early show)~Steve Kowalski/added Velvet Underground to setlist of 9/90 show~Chris Hein/deleted setlist from early years page for 9/90 show/ added page and link for 9/90 show/deleted ??-??-96/added setlist to 10.18.96 as it is the westwood one radio broadcast from March 24, 1997~Chris Hein/Nathan/added setlist for 6.5.99~Nathan/added page and link for 4.9.1995~gabe rodriguez
Well after a long delay, we are updateing again finaly. There are now links in the 2000 and 1995 seactions and a couple pictures added(try 10.28.00 and 12.31.00). More to come as I get it in gear and as we finaly have upcoming tours to add...
introducing the lhpg's newest team member:
nathan true
lhpg visitors-
i apologize for not updating the guide with the info that i have received within the past 50+ days. i have been bored with the internet and haven't felt the need to be online lately. i will try to list the info within the next few days.
added: 09.??.90 & video, complete setlist: 10.17.96 ~ nathan true / corrected venue: 12.31.98b ~ michael ball / added photo: 04.08.00 ~ david biddle
corrected venue: 04.12.97 & 04.18.97 / corrected setlist 12.01.00b ~ ian heminsley
added b.f.t.f. 04.01.97 / corrected all listings of it's a long way...{ ac/dc } / added: 10.05.98, recording & fritz's & "cha!" 10.15.98 / added venue & location 10.30.98 ~ gabe rodriguez / corrected aussie info(11/98) / added info 12.31.98 a & b / added nothing special 06.26.99 ~ jim(pretentious name) / added: recording & setlist 01.25.00, 03.31.00, 05.28.00, recording 06.22.00, recording 12.01.00a ~ dewey cole / added static age & a.t.k.a.r. 12.01.00b ~ ian heminsley
removed cancelled 09.28.98, added date 10.30.98, corrected: double listing 12.01.98, venue 02.11.99, location 05.31.99 ~ gabe rodriguez
added 09.13.96 ~ kenny(slim the just) / recording 05.03.00 ~ paul karklus / removed cancelled 05.07.00 a & b ~ david biddle(vocalh) / corrected: city 09.05.96, venue 04.19.97 ~ dan casanova / added australian dates(11/98) ~ gabe rodriguez / added 12.01.00a ~ ian heminsley


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